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If there's something of mine you want a print of, let me know and I'll enable print -otherwise I most likely won't enable the print at all.
:) just let me know!

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cadillacphunque has started a donation pool!
100 / 2,000
Hey there! :wave:
I'm starting a donation pool to earn points.
I have many reasons for this; to spread love to others, to commission artists for drawing things, possibly even getting a premium membership if I get that much.

I'm willing to do art 'trade' for points, too!
As you know, I make knotted bracelets, and so if someone donates 10 points or more, I shall make a bracelet for him/her and mail it to them!
While I'd prefer to only stick with continental US (because mailing prices are really pricey), I WILL mail out-of-country if someone is willing to donate that much ^_^

Larger amount of given points will receive a larger bracelet :)

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Recently, I obtained an amazing book called "642 Things to Write About". I got the "young writer's edition" and will in the future go back to get the normal "adult" version of the book. I also saw that there's a "712 More Things to Write About" book, as well as a 642 and 712 more things to draw about books. Granted I don't draw, but maybe one of you out there would enjoy the prompts :) The books are at Barnes & Noble, $17 each.

I am still doing my youtube thing, I'm very near to 500 subs on my vlogging channel. 500 in three years is pretty good in my opinion :) It seems that switching to weekly vlogs instead of daily really did wonders as I've gained nearly 50 subs since switching over. I also still do the movie reviews on Thursdays. This week's was A Clockwork Orange, so watch at your own risk!


I actually cannot remember why I felt the need to write a journal xD Besides maybe to say "Hey! I'm still alive!' so... Hey! I'm still alive! :D

I've revived my stock account as well; cadillacphunquestock.deviantar… <-- I'll be posting more stuff there. Sorta hoping that I can get a few commissioners for photos from it.

Okay I think that's all for now xD Oh! One more thing! If you tumblr, check out my craft blog: I do post a lot of artwork that I like from deviantART onto the blog. All images that I share on there are linked back to the original image, artist, AND sourced. I use the "share" button that appears on the deviation pages. Some people turn off those share buttons, and so I don't share those deviations. For the rest of you whom I share on there; I hope that it gains you more views, followers, and faves on here :)

Take care, all, Happy New Year, and stay safe!
Remember not to talk to any strange TV's! <3

{Cyborg Robot Squirrels}

P.S. (edit) Now I remember why I wanted to update!!
I'm going to be doing project 365 again this year! This year, it's a rainbow theme. Each day is another colour; Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink. And cycle through again.
That is all ^_^
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I Love Shelties by Loulou13
:kitty:Hello! és üdvözöljük a profilomban! Köszönöm, hogy benéztél.:kitty:
(és elnézést kérek, ha ez nem tökéletes, még mindig ... tanulás és egy online fordító ennek)
:star:Check out my storenvy shop!!
║Gσt A Prσblεm...Sσlνε It
║Lσst?...Gεt Fσund
║Think I'm Trippin...Tiε Mч Shσε
║Cαn't Stαnd Mε...Sit Dσωn
║Cαn't Fαce Mε...Wεll Turn Arσund
║Lσvε Mε?...Grεαt
║Hαtε Mε?...Eνεn Bεttεr
║Think Im Uglч...Dσn't Lσσк At Mε
║Dσn't Likε Mч Stчlε...Dσn't Lιкє Yσurѕ
║Dσn't Knσw Mε... Dσn't Judge Mε
║Think Yσu Knσw Mε...Yσu Hαvε Nσ Idεα
:heart:Ħαρρʏ Ƨʏитнɛƨιʓɛя ~ Ƨɛɛ нσω ɛʌɛяʏтнιиɢ'ƨ ɛиʝσʏαвℓɛ? ~ Ɩ'ℓℓ ρℓαʏ тнιƨ σиɛ-тιмɛ мɛℓσ∂ʏ тσ ωιρɛ αωαʏ тɛαяƨ:heart:
:bulletpurple:Name: [not important]
:bulletblue:Nicknames: Mango
:bulletgreen:Age: 24
:bulletyellow:Birthdate: July 9th 1990
:bulletorange:State of residence: Michigan
:bulletred:Born in Dearborn, MI
:bulletpurple:Hometown: Hope, MI
:bulletblue:best friend: :iconyellowcobbler:
:bulletgreen:fiance: :iconyellowcobbler:
:bulletpurple:Height: Five, three
:bulletblue:Eye colour: Golden honey (when happy) medium brown (when angry/upset)
:bulletgreen:Current hair colour: bleach blonde :)
:bulletyellow:Bipolar, short-tempered, and has Vasovagal
:bulletorange:Natural hair colour: Dark brown
:bulletred:Denomination: Nazarene (practicing)
:bulletpurple:I am Hungarian
:bulletgreen:Founder of :iconourloveforred:, :iconohmygreenz: and :iconglitterandrainbows:
:bulletyellow:I am 100% straight, but I do support my LGBT friends.
:bulletorange:If I block you, then you deserved it. Chances are you were either someone who was stalking me, someone I want nothing to do with anymore, or someone who's just annoying the barnicles out of me. If you don't like it then, as my French teacher would say, "too bad, so sad."
LIKES (in no particular order):
:bulletgreen:Michael Jackson
:bulletyellow:mashed potatoes
:bulletred:CHRISTmas :)
:bulletpurple:Sonic and Tails:heart:
:bulletblue:Lady Gaga
:bulletgreen:Vampire Knight (VK) Manga
:bulletyellow:Courage the Cowardly Dog
:bulletred:the colour green
:bulletpurple:Eddie Izzard :D
:bulletblue:the word "sprinkle"
:bulletgreen:making friendship bracelets
:bulletpurple:stuffed animals
:bulletyellow:music in general (obsessed)
:bulletgreen:the Bible
:bulletyellow:Looney Tunes
:bulletorange:neon stuffs
:bulletred:Plants Vs. Zombies
:bulletpurple:Delirious? (band)
DISLIKES (in no particular order):
:bulletred:all drugs (no matter what it is) unless it's prescribed by a doctor
:bulletyellow:jealous people who try and hurt you for no reason whatsoever
:bulletorange:robot chicken
:bulletred:fat people who wear clothing too small and too tight >.<
:bulletgreen:alcoholics (they terrify me)
I Don't Believe in Divorce by Vexic929I'm NOT Holier than Thou by OnWingsOfBlueMajora's Mask BEN Stamp by Sotkettu
God bless you all! peace<3
:kitty:((ur cyber kitty;))):kitty:

__♥__♥_____♥__♥___ Put This
_♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ Heart
_♥______In_____♥__ On Your
__♥____GOD___ ♥__ Page If
___♥____I____♥___ You Believe
____♥_Trust_♥_____ In
______♥___♥______ GOD

:skull:"That which is dead, cannot eternal lie. With strange eons, even death may die.":skull:

I'm a CreepyPasta narrator on youtube! Check me out here:
Proud Creepypasta Narrator by LadyMischievous

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Hello Mango.

You like stars... check this out.

Said one man to another,
"At the high tide of the sea, long ago, I wrote a line upon the sand with the point of my staff; and people still pause to read it, and they are careful that naught shall erase it." 
And the other man said,
"I too wrote a line upon the sand, but it was at low tide, and the waves of the vast sea washed it away.
But tell me, what did you write?"
And the first man answered,
"I wrote this: 'I am he who is.'
But what did you write?" 
And the other man said,
"This I wrote:
'I am but a drop in this great ocean.' "
~ Kahlil Gibran, The Wanderer

The Sun is a living, conscious beingIt is the stars, The stars above us, govern our conditions. 
- William Shakespeare
The proposition is that Sun is a living, conscious being with an intelligence that dwarfs our own. I am not only suggesting that Sun is a large complex system with some form of self-governing intelligence to it, but also that it is a living being, aware of itself and its place in the universe; that it is fully conscious and communicates with other conscious beings at its own level, and other levels; that its consciousness is so far beyond what we enjoy that it could be accorded deity status of a high order, and be recognized as a conscious being by atheists and agnostics, whatever spin they put on it.
As staggering as this proposition might seem, it is hardly novel, and was once held as a near universal belief or understanding in most parts of the globe. It is possible that generations of Neolithic peoples, the ancient Sumerians, Chaldeans, and Assyrians, the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Maya, Inca, A
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